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TREEPLAN® The leading genetic evaluation system for tree and plant improvement

The Southern Tree Breeding Association (Australia) has developed TREEPLAN® in partnership with the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU). AGBU has an international reputation for excellence in developing genetic evaluation systems for livestock improvement.

The system will estimate breeding and genetic values for tree species, and can be adapted to do the same for any species of plant.

TREEPLAN® - designed to make complex statistical methods accessible and easy to use

  • Produces accurate breeding values.
  • Allows straightforward and regular updates of breeding and genetic values.
  • Fits an individual tree model 'BLUP ' using all available information from relatives.
  • Designed to make complex statistical methods accessible and easy to use.
  • Is fast and minimises computing resources.
  • Is coupled to a modern and secure data management system operated via a web based interface.
  • Fits mixed models and allows high model flexibility. Specification of random and fixed effects are trait and trial specific.
  • Is designed to operate efficiently when there are more than 50 traits in multi-trait models.
  • Accommodates heterogeneous variances both environmental and genetic.
  • Enhancements will include complex spatial modelling of within site environmental effects modelling of within site environmental effects and incorporation of DNA information.

TREEPLAN® - ideally suited to large databases with complex pedigree

TREEPLAN® is the result of millions of dollars in research to develop a system that has the power to handle very complex databases including:

  • Different regions and sites
  • All pedigree data from close and distant relatives (siblings, parents, grandparents, founder groups)
  • Different years
  • Multiple traits
  • Use of unbalanced data
  • Complex pedigrees with information on unreplicated individuals and clonal replicates
  • Multiple genetic groups to take account of founder effects

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